Battery Technology, Inc.- Limited Warranty

Thank you for selecting Battery Technology, Inc. (BTI) high quality notebook, camcorder, cellular or cellular or mobile accessory or replacement part. BTI provides a limited warranty to the original owner (you) of BTI's product against defect in materials and workmanship from the date of original purchase from a registered reseller or end-customer for a period of ONE (1) YEAR for the electronics portion and ONE (1) YEAR for the battery cell portion of BTI's product with the exception of the below:

Notebook Computer Batteries carry an 18 month warranty**

Notebook Power Adapters carry a 24 month warranty

Replacement (SLA) batteries for UPS systems carry an 18 month warranty

Power tools batteries carry an 1 year warranty

Projector Lamps carry a warranty of 6 months or 1,000 hours of use

Camcorder and Digital Camera batteries
carry a 24 month warranty from the original date of purchase**

End User Limited Warranty
This end-user international limited warranty is extended by Battery Technology Inc.(BTI), to the original purchaser of any BTI product accompanied by this warranty and is not transferable. Please note that the warranty does not cover products purchased through online auction houses. Replacements will be made using new or refurbished BTI product (at BTI's discretion). The warranty on the replacement product will be a continuation of the original product's warranty and will only be valid from the date of the original purchase.

BTI's limited warranty shall be to solely repair or replace, at BTI option, the defective BTI product or any electronic device damaged by such BTI product, under normal consumer use. Repair or replacement will be made, PROVIDED that you are the original owner of the product, have completed the Product Registration Form within 30 days from the date purchase, and you have contacted the BTI RMA department.

**NOTE: The capacity of all rechargeable batteries will decline over time depending on the use and charging/discharging process. This is considered normal and therefore, a reduction in battery capacity is not covered under warranty. The battery is only warranted from defects in material or workmanship resulting in failures. Reduced runtime is not warranted and will vary depending on the power management settings and configurations that are set on the mobile device as well as the number of times the battery has been charged and discharged. Please be advised that rechargeable batteries are considered 'consumable products' and warranty coverage is limited to a battery not being able to receive and hold a charge.